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Washington State Addiction Treatment

Alcohol and substance use counseling that respects your autonomy and personal views of recovery.

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"Addiction is a response to human suffering. It's not a choice or a moral failing; it's an attempt to solve a problem."

Gabor Maté

If you’re seeking addiction or substance use counseling, maybe you relate to some of these narratives:

  • You feel “stuck” in the cycles of substance use or addiction.

  • Your substance use or addictive behavior causes you guilt, shame, or embarrassment, which leads to more use.

  • You once had a positive relationship with substances, but they seem to have turned on you.

  • Whenever you stop one habit or substance, you seem to pick up another.

  • Your home, work, or social environments make it hard to quit.

  • Emotional or physical pain makes quitting or cutting back feel impossible.


You aren’t alone, and I’m glad you’re here. 


With substance use and addiction counseling, I passionately believe in building therapy that is safe and shame-free, where you get to define “recovery” according to your values, beliefs, culture, identity, and personal goals. I see my role as your collaborator who can offer observations, information, and reflections that help you take whichever steps you feel are right.

You are doing your very best with the means and strategies available to you. Drugs, alcohol, and other addictive habits are effective short-term solutions to pain and problems, and if you’re here, you’ve likely also experienced some of the long-term physical, psychological, financial, and/or relational costs they demand in return.

What’s your experience with addiction and substance use counseling?

My experience began as a client, where I spent about a decade bouncing around from couch to couch, trying to find something that clicked. These memories remind me of the importance of compatibility and trust, and set the foundation for the type of therapist I wanted to be for others. 

Since then, I have worked in substance use and addiction counseling since January 2022, and completed my clinical internship at Clarity Mental Health and Recovery where I focused on co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.

What level of addiction treatment do you provide?

I provide outpatient treatment only. This is a less-intensive level of care intended for clients who benefit from meeting weekly (sometimes a bit more or less) for support. If your substance use is more severe, I will offer a referral to higher-level services such as detox, intensive outpatient, or inpatient programs, and we can revisit the idea of working together afterward. 

Do you work with all types of substances and addictions?

I have a particular emphasis on those renegotiating their relationship to alcohol, cannabis, and club drug/party lifestyles. I’m also able to work with those struggling with some process addictions like work, video games, and internet use. For some addiction issues, I may refer you to a clinician with more experience or training.

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