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Bailey Rahn, MA, LMHCA, SUDPT

Harm Reduction Therapist in Washington State

Hey, welcome! I’m Bailey.

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counseling Associate and Substance Use Disorder Professional Trainee providing online psychotherapy services to adults throughout Washington State under the supervision of Dr. Leah Batty-Hibbs. I am currently in practicum for EMDR Basic Training.

I work with a range of issues including trauma, ADHD, anxiety, depression, among others. If substance use or addictions are part of your life, I’m trained and credentialed to work with these issues, and strive to do so in a compassionate, zero-shame, trauma-informed way. 

Here's the general flow of my approach:

1. Ally: My first goal is to understand how you see the world, and tailor support based on your personal values, worldview, culture, and identity.

2. Understand: I listen carefully to the ways that your past experiences and relationships affected you, and notice with you how those impacts may be showing up in the present moment or circumstances. 

3. Act: We take action on insight by practicing skills and strategies that work with your nervous system and stress signals. 


I'm excited to be part of your process, and to help you connect to all of the good that's already in you.

More About Bailey:

Taking the leap into the world of mental health is a career decision I'm grateful for every single time I sit down with a client—because you matter. You are important.

I know how hard it is to walk into therapy and open up—especially about substance use. I've been there. Finding a therapist who met the shame with patience, care, and unconditional positive regard was profoundly meaningful. So meaningful, in fact, that I left my job in tech in hopes of providing a safe space for others to share their struggles.


Being a therapist is a big part of my life and identity, but outside of the therapy room, I love video games and enjoy everything from peaceful farm strolls through Stardew Valley to Elden Ring boss fights (except Malenia—no thanks!). Hiking and backpacking were irreplaceable resources in my own recovery process, and camping out in the middle of nowhere is still the best feeling. Other non-therapy things I love are my two cats, reality TV, heavy metal music, Dungeons & Dragons, rain, and travel.

bailey rahn therapist

Common Questions:

Do you only work with addictions & substance use?

Nope, not exclusively. I work with other mental health issues as well, whether or not they co-occur with addiction or substance use. Some of the other issue areas I work with include: - Anxiety - Depression - Trauma - Relationship issues - School & career issues - Life transitions - Lack of motivation - Burnout - Shame and self-criticism - Loneliness …among many others. Feel free to reach out and we can talk more about how things might fit.

What’s your clinical experience?

I graduated from Antioch University Seattle in 2023 where I received a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a certificate in Addiction Studies. I'm currently completing EMDR basic training. I have practiced counseling at Antioch Community Clinic in Seattle and Clarity Mental Health and Recovery in Bellingham, WA. My primary supervisor is Dr. Leah-Batty Hibbs, PhD, LMHC. I receive supplemental supervision and consultation with Jennifer Walter, LMHC, SUDP.

How would you describe a therapy session with you?

In therapy, I believe clients should lead the way. My role is to help you understand what you have experienced in the past as well as what you want and need out of your future. In creating a therapy environment, I let these values guide our work: - Autonomy | You get to name your goals. I will advocate for your freedom and agency. - Safety | Safety is personal. I will seek to understand what safety means to you, and respect your protective responses while raising awareness of them. - Humility | I will commit to unearthing my biases and noticing when they seek to influence the direction of counseling. - Unconditional positive regard | Every part of you is welcome, embraced, and worthy of space.

Why’d you become a therapist?

Almost every year since 2010, I’ve been a client of counseling myself. I’m deeply grateful for the profound impact of my therapists, and it’s an honor to witness your story and walk with you as it unfolds, as my therapists had.

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